Frequently asked questions

Can I give TED Live as a gift?

Yes! Just select the gift option on the registration page.

I bought a pass or received one as a gift, why am I being asked to pay again?

You'll be prompted to pay for TED Live if you aren't logged in to the account you used to claim your pass.

When you buy or are gifted a pass, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to claim it. A link in the email will prompt you to log in or sign up for a TED account -- this account will be linked to your TED Live pass.

If you've already claimed your pass and are still being asked to pay, make sure you're logged in with the TED account you used to claim the pass.

I made a mistake buying my pass, can I exchange it or get a refund?

If you bought the wrong pass or purchased two of the same pass, you can request a refund by contacting us. Passes must be unclaimed in order to receive a refund. Upon review and approval of your request, we'll initiate a refund which will take 5-10 days to return to your account.

What is the difference between TED Live and TEDxLive?

TED Live provides viewers with virtual seats to the TED Conference and access to the conference archive. TEDxLive is a TEDx license that allows an organizer to host an event around one day of TED or TEDGlobal. These events are free to the public. Some events include local programming. In order to host a TEDxLive event, you must apply for a license, be approved by the TEDx team, and adhere to the TEDx and TEDxLive rules for executing this event.

I’m interested in TED Live, but I wonder if the talks will all end up online for free anyway?

Shortly after each conference, we begin carefully editing and releasing talks on — but remember, not all talks end up online. The timing and sequence of talks being posted is not predetermined. TED Live gives you access to the live stream of the TED Conference and to all talks in their unedited format, and the online talk archive lets you relive the conference at any time.

My question isn’t answered here.

Please contact us with your specific question.